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How to Serve The DMV?

Sacramento Process Server Lance Casey who is also a California Private Investigator states “We serve subpoenas and lawsuit papers to the California Department of Motor Vehicles Legal Affairs Division, Legal Office, Third Floor, 2415 First Avenue, Sacramento, CA  95818. Follow the instructions below to serve the DMV."

  1. Complete the online form below, or Email your documents with instructions to, or fax your documents with instructions to (916) 244-2636.
  2. Pay for the process service via the form below, or you will be contacted either via phone or email to obtain payment.  The fee to serve the DMV is $100 for routine process service.
  3. We will serve a copy of your DMV subpoena or lawsuit paper to the DMV Legal Affairs Division.  We will complete a proof of service form and email you a copy. The original proof of service form will be mailed to you.